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What nickname fits you best?

find out what your nickname should be



When Will You Get Married And To Who?

Find out how old you will be when you get married and the letter of the person it will be.



How violent are you?

Take this quiz and find out how violent you really are.



I can guess your age in 5 questions!

I bet I can guess your age in just 5 questions. (This isn't a lame quiz where the answer is between 1-200!)

How will you die?

find out how you will die

Who loves you ? ?

Find out the 1st letter of your loves name ! ?



Whats Your Best Feature? (for girls)

Eyes, a$$, Legs, Hair, and more. Find out what people like most about you.

The Hardest Quiz Ever: You will not get a 100

hardest quiz ever. if u get 100% your are god.

What will happen to you in 2010?

Take the quiz to find out



how much do you know about sex?

are you a sex god or a stupid little virgin



What will your baby look like?

Find out when, where, and how.

What will your baby's poop smell like?

You're human. You're going to go and spawn. You know it. You must continue your genes. So what will the excretions of your creation smell like? Now you can know!



What does your name mean?

Are you crazy, nice, quiet, or what?! (Girls&Guys!)

How Sexy is your name?

See how sexy your name really is!!!

What Celbrity Do You Look Like?

Do you look like Selena Gomez? Justin Bieber? Taylor Lautner? TaylorSwift? There are many Celebrity's to choose from but only one that looks like you.

What Does Your Eye Color Mean?

Your eyes can tell you a lot about yourself. Find out.

How Ugly R U?

Find out how ugly you are.

What piercing best suits you?(mostly for girls)

Find out what clues add up to what piercing suits you and why! great and descriptive!

I can Guess your gender in 5 questions

it is fun and very easy to do

What dog are you?

Find out what dog you are beagle pitbull?

What 2009 song decribes you?

find out what 2009 song describes you best???

What is your Born Sport?

This tells you what sport God wanted you to take

What kind of kiss are you?

kind of a kisses!!!

How fat are you?

haha funn how fat could you be?



What does your name mean?

Are you crazy, nice, quiet, or what?! (Girls&Guys!)

How will you die?

See exactly how you will die and what year.

Whos your crush

See who your real true crush is!

What should your hair color be?

I got bored so i am making this it will tell you what your hair color should be based on your personallity. Just to warn you now they are gonna be crazy colors and mixtures of colors and i hope you don't mind some stupid questions!! XD

Hideous,Pretty,Hot,Drop dead goregous

If You take the quiz then you will get your awesome or fucked up result.

How many ppl like u!!!!!

PPL see who they will marry and how many ppl like them

what will your teenager daughter look like?

what will your teenage daughter look like? whats her name? meet her before you have her. her personality her favorite everything :) *VERY ACCURATE*

What Song Describes You?

This quiz is about your personality all described into one song that describes you the most.

How deeply in love are you ?

Find out how deeply in love you are with him/her .

How old are you mentally??

^^ it pretty much says it in the name, but this is a quiz to see how old you act.. weeeee

Who Are You Going To Marry?

Gives you the initials of the person you're going to marry !

What Cartoon character are you?

what cartoon character are you..

Which SAW death will you DIE!!!!?????

find out here how gruesome your saw death will be!!!

How Long Would You Last In A ZOMBIE ATTACK!!!!


what sillyband are you??

check out what silly band you are for funn!!!

Who is your one true love?

Gives the letter of the boy and girl that you are truly in love with.

Boob Calculator

How big are yours?

how long can you last in bed?

impress the ladies with this quiz

Can you understand absolutely retarded questions?

Sort of like an un-official Impossible quiz.

Which Celebrity Shares Your Birthday?

See which celeb shares your birthday - rihanna? megan fox? chris brown?



How dirty minded are you

Answer the question with the first thing on the given list that comes to mind when u read the question.

What Ghost Follows You?

take this hot new scary quiz

How bad do YOU hate Justin Bieber?

See how bad you hate Justin Bieber

whats sexy about you?

find out what make you attractive!!!

Do You Know Texting Language?

C if you know the texting language!

What is your perfect nickname?

Title is pretty descriptive...

How will your life be in 10 years ?

No description has been provided.

How Perfect Is Your Life?

Does your life suck? We thought so. Chances are that your life is actually pretty good. Use this app to find out.

How many kids will you have? When, How, Gender,Nam

babies baby fun future random cool kids gender

How Pretty Are You?

How Pretty Are You? Click to see! (:

What is your Porn Star Name?

This quiz will let you know what your Porn Star Name would be.

What Eminem song verse are you?

Of all the lyrics to Eminem songs..which one are you?

how big is your penis?

is your penis big? or is it a weener!!!

what is the initial of ur true love?

check out this quiz...

how angry can you get

its fun and very acurate

What u would most likely do in a FIGHT?

It will determine what you will most likely do in a fight!

What Color Sharpie are You?

Based on your personality, find out what color of the Sharpie permanent markers you most represent!

What Kinda Teenager R U?????

dis quiz tell u pple wht kinda of teenagers u really r.........

you're lover's name

You're Lucky You're Single Alot Of Girl's/Boy's Want You

who will you first have sex with? try it works !!

by taking this you will find out truley who your fist ever sex session will be with. it honestly works i tried it and chose britney spears ... damnn she was good lol :)

What 2010 song are you?

What kind of song are you?

What do you hide behind your eyes?

This is a quiz i made. I was kind of depressed. Guys can take this quiz too, i guess, but it is more meant for girls. Sorry.

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Whos your WWE boyfriend?

This is actually a quiz to see who your wwe boyfriend is

Spongebob Quiz (See which one you are)

Fun quiz to play to see which spongebob character you are

What Kind of boater are you??

A fun quiz to see your boating sense and if you are or can be a good boater!!

How dumb is Ignition

This is a quiz to find out how dumb Reboot's 25 year old brother Ignition is because I think is 100% stupid

What Five Nights at Freddy's animatronic are you?

This quiz decides if you are Golden Bonnie, Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Foxy or Toy Chica.

what black veil brides likes you

Find out which black veil brides will likes you

How Hot will you be in 2 years

Find out how hot you will be in 2 years!

this is funny

this quiz makes no sense

What Color Describes You

what is your inner color take this quiz then you will find out

i can guess your gender?

I can guess what gender you are in 5 questions

What celebrity are you most like?

This quiz is about what celebrity you are most like

Are you a "Nerd" or "Popular Kid" in your school?

This quiz will tell you if you are one of the cool kids or one of the geeks. This is just for fun so don't take it to seriously! It doesn't matter if you are a geek or a cool kid in school, all that matters is that you learn and have fun as well!

What celbertiy are you like?

not 1 of thoose stupid quizes that only have 1 answer

what age will you be pregnant

it tells you what age you will be pregnant in life so you can prepare for it !!!!!

Are you a true white girl?

If you are a true white girl.

i can guess your gender in 5 questions

I can guess if youre a boy or girl

Whats 9 plus 10?

This is the hardest quiz ever on Facebook.

What emoji are you?

what emoji do you think you are???

what is your tmi character?

this quiz will tell you which tmi character u are most like

How many kids will I have?

This quiz will tell you how many kids you will have, their gender, and how crazy they will be.

what will your kids be called/look like

find out what your kids will be called and will look like

How Childish Are You?

Let your inner child shine!

How do you express your sexuality?

If you think male and female are your only options you might be surprised when you take this quiz. The real you might be very different in the way you express yourself.

How well do you sing?

This quiz will tell you if you are a good singer or not on a scale of 0-100.

What will you look like in 5 years?

Basically showing you what you will look like in 5 years no matter how old you are now.

How pretty are you?

This quiz will tell you pretty are you from 1-100

what dog character are you?

this will tel what dog u are most like to, examples : pluto,scooby-doo and lots more Please Enjoy :)

what celebrity do you look like???

find out what celebrity you look like on this amazing quiz! not too long xx 😂😂😂

how cute are you from 1-100?

This quiz feels you how cute ya are

How Hot Are You

This quiz is an example to see how hot are you mostly its being pushed in away to see also if your result is hot it means like people will like you. But just do the test properly and do some silly ones to see results

What Band Is Your Favorite?

This quiz will tell you which band is your favorite! It ranges from all different types of music.

When will you get pregnant?

answer all the seven questions and find out how old you will be when you are pregnant

What type of FIZZY DRINK are you?

Wanna what fizzy dirink you are? i know you want to :) yes? then take this quiz! :)

who has a secret crush on you

this quiz is to see who has a secret crush on you

Are you ugly or pretty? :3

Are you ugly or pretty. ?!?!?!

when will you get pregnant, how many&boys or girl

this quiz will determine: what age you will get pregnant how many boys or girls and names(I couldn't fit it in the title) this is only a skit

are u a bitch or a popular girl

find out if u are a bitch or a popular girl try it and see what u get

which disney chareter are you ?

who are you ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? on disney

who is your best friend

it has questions based on your fave things

what disney channel characta are you

do u want to find out what Disney channel character this is the quiz for you

how are you out of frozen

are you Elsa Anna Kristoff Olaf Steven or Hans x

What Animal are you

there all cute but you can only be one

What Emoji are you

You love emojis take this quiz

What Emoji are You?

Laughing face? Sad face? Scared face? What are you!!!

Which Toy Animatronic Are You?

Do you like the toy Animatronics? Good. I do. Have you always wanted to be 'one of them?' Well... You can find out which one you are with this awesome quiz! :)

What Dog Breed are you?

What Dog Breed are you? Take the quiz to find out! XD

Are You Cute Or Naw?

You are cute from 1 to 100 if your 1% then your ugly and if your 100% then your so cute also this quiz is for girls only!!!!

what Taylor Swift song are you?

this will tell you what song you are most like to and you probaly like the song too. :D Please Enjoy :)

What Celebrity Are You?

Find out your inner celeb

can you survive

can ou survive is question is on killing someone if need be or what to do when you need to survive

what outfit you should were ? (girl only)

this is a popular,awesome and a quiz you need to take!!!

What mythical creature are you?

You could be anything

Does he love you?

Find out if he loves you or not... Don't act on the outcome. it's only for fun.!!

what singer are you like

this quiz to see which singer your like mainly based for girls unless any boys want to do it for the LOLs

Youre Next Boyfriends Name

This quiz is giving girls an idea on who their next boyfriend will be

How Romantic are you?

This quiz will help you in your love life if you don't think your romantic. Take this quiz to WOW your girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife until they are in your spell of love.

Does your crush like you?

Find out if your crush likes you~

Who You Love

This Quiz Will e About Whou You Love And It Is Only Out Of our Friends

Would Carrie White kill you?

It's prom night! Carrie White is prom queen but will she kill you or not?

Your Future

this quiz will tell you what you will be in the future

What Fast-Food Restaurant Are You?

Find out which fast food restaurant you would be!

What superhero or villain are you ?

This quiz is about knowing what hero or villain you are.

how well do you know your celebrities?

how well do you know your celebrities? find out here!

how many kids will you have names and gender

find out how many kids you will have their names and gender.

What color should your hair be?

to know what your hair should really be?

Do people like you in school?

This quiz is about if people like you in school or no.

What hairstyle and hair colour do you suit?

This quiz is all about de hair ! <3

What Type Of Dog Are You?

This will show you what type of dog you would be :)

How Awkward R U?

find out how AWKWARD you r

i can guess your gender in 5 questions

im guessing your gender

When and why will you die?

Tells you your how old you'll be when you die, and why.

what age are you

on facebook see how old we think you are

Are you fat , skinny , girl or boy?

It is a joke to tell you what you are.

When will you die&How

This tells you when your gonna die&how

Create your perfect boyfriend~

Title says it all ♥ Girls only, unless you're gay^_^ -with pretty long result

What Kind Of Cheerleader Are You?

Find out what kind of chherleader you are with this quiz. TRY IT!!!!!

What color should you dye your hair?

This is a quiz based on what color you should dye your hair. There might not be answer you like but yea. I hope you have fun and Have a wonderful day! ~ Megan <3

Are you a true bro

pewdiepie .............................. why do u want sempai

what kind of person are u?

to tell u what kind of person u are or what kind of person u should be

I can guess your natural eye color!!! (maybe)

I can guess your eye color if you answer these questions!!! (Results are not completely guaranteed, I cannot be held responsible if I am wrong) :P

How good is your life?

See how good your life is.

are you pretty

this quiz is to see if your pretty or NAH!

which british youtuber /youtubers are you?

find out who is your youtube bae!

How long would you survive in a horror movie?

Are you a 'Horror Movie Person'? If so, then this quiz is for YOU!

what type of person are you?

This quiz tells you from your answers what type of person you are...

What kind of girlfriend are you?

Hope you like the outcomes:)

What fnaf animatronic are you are you

See what fnaf animatronic you are

does your crush want to date you

this quiz is about finding out how much someones crush likes them and if the persons crush wants to date them

Is your Boyfriend right for You?!?!

in this quiz you will find out if you have the perfect boyfriend or not so much, please don't get disappointed and break up with your boyfriend if you got a bad result, as this is only for fun :)

in 10 years will you be rich or poor?

This quiz will tell you whether you are rich or poor in 10 years.

How much of a Frozen fan are you?

This quiz is to see how much you know frozen and if your an expert

What food fits you?

What food fits you?

Your spirit Animal

Please answer honestly to get the most accurate result :)

How much do you know about Minecraft?

Testing your knowledge on the amazingly awesome game, Minecraft!

is your dad too over protective

just too see if your dad istoo hard on you ???

What type of girl are you?

find out here if What kind of girl are you?

Are you night or day?

This quiz will tell you based on your personality whether your night or day.